Fun and Games with Louie and Sniffy!

Join Louie the Lightning Bug and Sniffy the Sniffasaurus learn all about electric and natural gas safety.

Kids Corner

Louie's Electric Universe

A video snip of a Louie the Lightning Bug commercial.

Louie's Electric Universe

Join Louie the Lightning Bug to learn all about electricity! Louie's Electric Universe has games, movies, puzzles and energy-saving tips.

Coloring Book

Download our free NorthWestern Energy coloring book!

Sniffy's Energy Underground

Cartoon of Sniffy the Sniffasaurus

Sniffy's Energy Underground

Join Sniffy the Sniffasaurus to learn all about natural gas and gas safety!

Free Resources for Teachers

We offer free resources for teachers to educate students on the importance of electric and natural gas safety. National Core Curriculum Standards are supported by our materials.