NorthWestern Energy Scholarship Opportunities

NorthWestern Energy’s scholarship program provides more than $100,000 in scholarships to students attending universities, colleges or technical schools in our area.


The recipient institutions were chosen based on several criteria:

  • The colleges, universities, and technical schools from which we most frequently hire
  • Good faith outreach efforts to support our Affirmative Action plan in terms of sourcing qualified female and minority candidates
  • Feedback from managers who hire frequently
  • Current and potential future skills set needs (technical/ electric/ gas/ welding, engineering, business administration, information technology)
  • Proximity to schools to our service territory
  • Rates of hire and overall distribution of existing employees across the states we serve

While each school has its own process, in all cases, the schools select the NorthWestern Energy Community Works Scholarship recipients based on the criteria specified within the agreement. Across all agreements, the minimum GPA is 3.0 and students must be pursuing career fields in business administration, information technology, engineering or a relevant technical trade (i.e. welding, line work, etc.) Preference is given in most cases to students that come from a community that we serve.

For more information on how to be considered for a NorthWestern Energy Community Works Scholarship, please contact an admissions professional at the institution listed above of your choice for availability, amount and guidelines specific to that particular institution. NorthWestern Energy does not participate in the selection process for scholarship recipients.

Scholarships are funded at the following institutions:


South Dakota