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When a Cat Gets Stuck on a Pole

Feb 16, 2015 |

This wasn'tcat-resscue-2 the first cat to get stuck on a pole and it won’t be the last.  Cats are incredibly resourceful creatures and typically figure out a way to get down on their own.  That’s the best and safest method for all involved – especially the cat.   They have a tendency to jump when the bucket approaches, creating the possibility of injuring the operator and/or the animal.  We’ve had employees badly injured trying to remove critters (cats, raccoons, etc.) from poles. 

Because this was a high voltage transmission line, our crews had to first isolate the line so that it could be de-energized without causing an outage that would’ve affected several thousand customers.  They did this by driving to several substations in the Helena Valley to physically re-route the flow of energy and then doing it all over again to restore power back to normal once the cat was off the pole.  In all, it took several hours to complete the job but the line had to be de-energized for the safety of the lineman and the cat.  We have a responsibility first and foremost to the safety of our employees and our customers, and while the cat isn’t exactly a customer – we chose the safest option for all involved.  Perhaps not the most popular option with some people – but it was the safest one with the highest chance of a successful outcome.

We’re glad this story has a happy ending and that the girl is reunited with her pet, because they don’t always end that way.  Cats will be cats and dogs will be dogs, but the best way to keep your pets safe around electrical equipment is to keep them properly restrained so they don’t get end up getting in trouble in the first place.   Squirrels are by far the primary culprit (and victim) of animal related outages, but cats cause their fair share too. 

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