E+ stands for "Efficiency Plus," which was created to help our customers better manage their energy use. We offer a variety of programs, rebates, and other incentives. Choose your service area and customer type to see how E+ can work for you.

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More about Efficiency Plus "E+"

In an era of increased attention to energy issues and related costs, more and more people are looking for ways to manage energy consumption. That is why NorthWestern Energy created the Efficiency Plus (E+) brand to signal ways that customers can better manage their energy use.

Efficiency Plus, or "E+", ranges from energy education to rebates for compact fluorescent lights (CFLs), in-home energy audits and custom incentives for businesses. In addition, there are E+ programs that provide valuable services to limited income and senior customers who require energy assistance. In Montana, E+ also includes small renewable generation incentives and the E+ Green program that allows customers to support renewable generation through their electric bill.

This site is separated out by state, providing information on rebates and programs plus lists of preferred contractors where offered. No matter where you receive service from NorthWestern Energy, you can watch how-to videos that might make your home energy improvement project easier. In addition there are energy saving tips, case studies that showcase how a wide variety of commercial customers have saved energy, PLUS outreach information that includes where you can find NorthWestern Energy events in or near your community. Through E+, there is something for almost every customer looking to save energy and money!

In Montana, NorthWestern Energy has been offering energy efficiency programs for more than 30 years, and provides thousands of rebates through E+ programs each year. E+ is just getting started In South Dakota and Nebraska, so while NorthWestern Energy may not yet offer rebates or incentives in your area, there are tips and tax incentives that apply for everyone. Most rebates, programs, and services are funded through the Universal System Benefits Charge (USBC) or electric and natural gas supply rates, collected from Montana customers. The energy saved through these E+ programs means NorthWestern Energy doesn't have to buy as much electricity or natural gas on the open market and that helps hold down costs for customers.

Just like you can count on the ENERGY STAR® rating from the federal government to help you find the most energy efficient products, you can count on the Efficiency Plus, or "E+", from NorthWestern Energy to help you better manage your energy usage.

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